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Glascope - unique 3d glasses which allow you to enjoy
full color stereoscopic videos on every monitor!  
What is Glascope?

A glass style stereoscope with peripheral vision limiter
for watching ”side by side” videos or images on every

Why Glascope is so good?

It provides:

superb 3D effect  - using optical prisms eliminates ghosting
natural colors     - there are no color filters for channel separation
eye comfort        - anaglyph glasses and ''crossed eye'' method cause
.                        eye discomfort

and they are  much cheaper than 3D monitor or TV !
How to use Glascope?

1. Keep the distance between you and the monitor about 60 cm (2 feet).

2. Rotate the central knob to shift the lenses to the widest position.

3. When the 3D effect is achieved, rotate the knob back until the additional two projections in your peripheral vision disappear.

4. Enjoy!
  ....and if you watch my 3D videos don't forget to put your headphones ;)

How to watch 3D video on YouTube?

From the 3D menu of the player choose "Side by side'' as viewing method. Usually "full width" must be selected and in some cases you have to check "Swap (right-left)'' - everything depends on how the video is uploaded.
An affordable alternative to a 3D monitor

Focus: 60 cm                             Material: Glass lenses, PC frame with spring hinge legs
Lens type: Prism Glasses           Size: 14 x 4.5 x 16 cm (WxHxL)
Lens separation: 5.9 - 7.1 cm      Color: Dark blue
Net weight: 40g                          Accessory: Hard cover box
Gross weight: 155 g 
Comes with protective hard cover box
Watch 3D on the go!

Watch your favourite 3d videos or pictures on your mobile device whereever you are!

You are a 3D movie maker?
You shoot outdoors and your 3D monitor is far away?
Glascope is a perfect device to check the footage on your laptop
and even make a stereoscopic post production!