Everything I need is inside my backpack!
After a few minutes I turn this mess into 3D rig.
The result is external LANC port and the camcorder still works :)
I am using binaural microphone for achieving 3D sound effect.
The camcorders are Canon HFS 200 syncronised by Digi-Dat LANC remote controller.
  The right one had some surgery....
The ''3D chicken run'' video was made with the rig configuration from the last picture.
The rig is custom made for me :) Luckily I have almost all machinery needed to produce it. The development process is not finished, but it can be used with any camcorder or DSLR camera I get. The construction is made from stainless steel pipes and very strong alluminum alloy. Now I am working on a very handy follow focus system.
I have to say that shooting with this stereoscopic setup is fun. These are my observations:

The camcorders have lots of manual controlled features.
Focus and zoom can be manipulated from the remote while shooting.
You can attach lenses or filters (I use wide angle Raynox lenses - great quality and cheaper than Canon lenses)
The distance between the camcorders is slightly larger than average distance between the eyes - this gives deeper 3D effect, but  I have to be careful with nearest objects.
The only down side is that after some time the camcorders go out of sync (they do not have genlock), but this happens after 10 minutes or maybe more.
UNFORTUNATELY this all-in-backpack thing is not always a good idea - this is the second setup - the original one was stolen just before its first usage....and it was a sad sad story.... All rights reserved.